Best Standing Desks Under $300-Updated for 2018

If you’re looking for a standing desk and want to keep it under $300 then you’re at the right place. Here are some of my favorite options that still keep it at or under this budget point.

Realize that at under $300 you can still get a quality standing desk. This tends to be the cutoff though for top of the line desks. And while most of the higher quality options will push the $400 amount, there a few options that you can find for about 25% less that may be just as good.

Standing Desk for $300 or a Standing Desk Plus Accessories for $300?

I’ll give some different options that you can consider. Maybe you not only need a standing desk but want a standing desk, a standing desk mat, and a computer monitor arm to go with it.

You can still get all of this under $300, and I’ll show you how. Now, one thing to consider is that you can always just get a standing desk and then add these later on. But if you want to get them all up front you can do that too.

Why Should You Get a Standing Desk?

If you’re wondering whether or not a standing desk is something you should invest in, check out this video here:

I think that video really breaks it down as to why you need to avoid sitting for extended amounts of time. Unfortunately, many of us are stuck at an office job where we don’t have much of a choice. Thankfully though, adding a standing desk can without a doubt make a huge difference!

Okay okay. Let’s get to the point, shall we?

Here are some of my favorite standing desk options you can go with on this budget.

Best Standing Desk Options Under $300

There are 3 main standing desk converters that stand out that usually go for right around $300 or less. These are some of my favorite standing desks and would no doubt be a great option to go with.

The Fully Cooper

Now this is a terrific standing desk and even rivals desk converters that cost $100 more. It is one of/if not the tallest Z-type desk converters you can find. This right off the bat makes it better for some people than its more expensive competitors.

It also is quality in all other specs as well as it sturdy, is built well, and also looks aesthetically pleasing with its bamboo top. Overall, you can’t go wrong with this option.

The great thing is you don’t even have to get it on sale, the base price for this item is $290, making it one of the best purchases you can make for under $300.

The Ergotech Freedom Desk

This is an awesome all around desk. In fact, it may be my favorite desk if you can find it on sale. If you can, then you can get the 36-inch desk converter they offer for around or even less than $300.

Now, in comparison, the popular Varidesk Pro Plus 36 goes for $395, and you don’t even tend to find it on sale. So this desk which, by the way, comes with a 5-year warranty, compared to 1-year for the Varidesk, is an excellent purchase.

You know you are getting a desk converter for years to come with the quality warranty. And better yet, the specs on this desk converter are top notch is well. This is why I have it rated at the top of my list for best converters overall.

If you decide to buy this item, you can feel rest assured you came out #winning.

Flexispot Desk Converter

This is another awesome desk converter that is pretty much top notch in specs but comes in at less of a price than other options which actually don’t match the quality of this.

Yes, it’s that good. Again, like the others mentioned here, it is an excellent desk and you really aren’t missing out on anything even though you’re spending less money.

So what’s not to like? Now, it is important to mention that the base price of this was $499.99. But that doesn’t matter because for as long as I can remember it has been on sale for less than $400. And lately, you can get this converter right around $300.

Fancierstudio Desk Riser + Amazon Basics Monitor Arm

The Fancierstudio Desk is great because the base price is less than $200. It is personally my favorite at around this price range. The great thing is that if you have a $300 budget then you can add a monitor arm to it.

This really gives the best ergonomics possible as when you go from sitting to standing you may not actually want the exact same monitor height, and having the ability to adjust your monitor level smoothly makes it the perfect setup.

Currently, while writing this article if you were to add this item + the Amazon basics monitor arm, then you would reach a total price of $289.98. Just under budget.

Lorell Desk Riser + Ergotech Freedom Arm + iMovR Standing Mat

The Lorell desk converter usually goes for around $170 and it gets the job done. It won’t as nice as the above-mentioned options, but hey, what can you expect paying nearly half the price?

And as I said, you can come out with the full trifecta: standing desk, standing mat, and a monitor arm, all for less than $300.

I’m a big fan of iMovR standing mats, and yes you could even go with a cheaper mat, but if you go with their economy option or portable option you’re looking at less than $50.

So here is the breakdown: Lorell desk: $170, Ergotech Arm: $77, iMovR Mat: $50

Total Price: $297


A $300 budget for a standing desk is a terrific budget point. You’re able to save by going under the traditional price of a lot the more popular standing desks that go for closer to $400 but you still can come out with a quality standing desk, and if you want you can still come out with a standing desk and a couple of the best standing desk accessories.

There are plenty of options not even listed on this page that you can go with as well, but these are some of my favorites for this price. Hopefully, this saves you the time of looking around as I’m confident this can help you get what you need for the price point you need.

What do you think about these options? Is there anything else you would include that I didn’t? Let me know in the comments below!

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