BetterBack Review (As Seen on Shark Tank)

So you watched an episode of SharkTank and have back pain yourself and you’re wondering if the BetterBack seat support you saw can be the missing piece you’ve always been looking for to cure your back pain.

I’m only going to give a brief review on this because it is a simple concept and you will either like the basic idea of it or not. Here are my thoughts on it and whether or not it can help out with back pain. Continue reading

Does Walking Relieve Back Pain?

Back pain, primarily in your lower back, is incredibly common today with so many people working jobs that contribute to this issue. If you’re looking for some relief, a great way is to by simply walking more.

Yes. Walking. We all tend to look for things we need to buy or some magic pill that’s going to help us get the results we need when sometimes just getting back to the basics can get the job done. Walking is one of the best ways to relieve lower back pain. Continue reading

Best Anti-Fatigue Mats for Your Standing Desk

You really want to get the most of your standing desk, and getting a break from sitting all day is going to help in a number of ways. But, of course, standing more will put more pressure on your feet and knees.

A great way to make your standing experience more enjoyable is to get an anti-fatigue standing mat. This will help alleviate the pressure put on your body while standing. Continue reading

Cheap Desktops to Add to Your Standing Desk Frame

One great way to purchase a standing desk but keep your costs down is by adding your own desktop to it. Yeah, you can always go with what the company offers with it but they tend to add a couple hundred or even more to your total.

So purchasing a desktop separately may make sense for you. Here is a list of some of my favorite cheap desktops. Continue reading

10 Benefits of a Standing Desk Workstation

Benefits of a Standing Desk

Are you considering getting a standing desk? You may be wondering what exactly the benefits are of standing at work, instead of sitting. Like anything, it will depend on the person. For me, getting a desk that allowed me to stand up when I needed to was one of the most important things in reducing my back pain.

So for me personally the benefits are like night and day. Somone else may not benefit as much as myself but should see an improvement in all sorts of areas. Especially if you sit 8 hours a day, then go home and sit some more to eat dinner, sit some more to watch TV, and then sit even more to get on the internet. Continue reading

Average Desk Height-Does it Fit You Personally?

The main issue when considering desk height would be if you’re short, how low your desk height needs to go when sitting down. Desks tend to be made for taller people because it’s less noticeable if a desk is too tall for people compared to a desk being too short.

If you’re short then you can always raise up your chair and use a step stool for your feet. It is simply easier to make this adjustment than for someone to be too tall for their desk. This is why the industry standard desk is going to be higher than a lot of people need. Continue reading