Best Anti-Fatigue Mats for Your Standing Desk

You really want to get the most of your standing desk, and getting a break from sitting all day is going to help in a number of ways. But, of course, standing more will put more pressure on your feet and knees.

A great way to make your standing experience more enjoyable is to get an anti-fatigue standing mat. This will help alleviate the pressure put on your body while standing. Continue reading

Cheap Desktops to Add to Your Standing Desk Frame

One great way to purchase a standing desk but keep your costs down is by adding your own desktop to it. Yeah, you can always go with what the company offers with it but they tend to add a couple hundred or even more to your total.

So purchasing a desktop separately may make sense for you. Here is a list of some of my favorite cheap desktops. Continue reading

Articulating Computer Monitor Arms-Ideal for the Best Ergonomics

Articulating Computer Monitor Arm

Adding an articulating computer monitor arm to your desk is something that will improve ergonomics. Being able to adjust the¬†arm so that it bends and moves up and down from a joint allows you to move your monitor where you need it to be without straining to look at it. This will offer far more versatility than a regular monitor stand that can’t be adjusted. Continue reading