iMovR Cadence Standing Desk Converter-A Top Shelf Standing Desk

iMovR is one of the leading industry innovators in the standing desk industry, and the Cadence Desk Converter is no exception of their top-notch quality. Here is full breakdown of one of the smoothest standing desk converters you can find.

First off, there are 2 options that you can go with, the originalĀ Cadence converter or the Cadence Express. So we’ll look at both of these options to see if one of them may be good for you or not. Continue reading

Best Stand Up Desks for Laptops-My Top 5

A lot of what I recommend tend to be great for regular CPUs that have a keyboard and monitor, but not everyone is looking for that. Here is a list of some of the best standing desks you can get that are great for laptops!

What we’re looking for here is not only something that works ergonomically but is also lightweight and mobile. This fits in with the laptop lifestyle.

Unlike some of the most popular models that have 2 different levels, a standing desk for your laptops will only have 1 level (for obvious reasons). The great thing about these options is that they are going to be much more affordable than a larger 2 tier setup. Continue reading

iMovR Standing Desk Review

iMovR Standing Desk Review

Hello and welcome to my iMovR Standing Desk review. iMovR is an industry leader in standing desks. In fact, they have so many options it can get a little overwhelming trying to figure out everything they have to offer.

So here is a complete review of their standing desks. What I’m going to do is give a full breakdown of my favorite desk they have to offer, which is the Omega Everest Standing Desk and then I’ll give a short breakdown of their other options and why you may want to choose one of those instead. Continue reading

Stand Steady’s UpTrak Dual Level Standing Desk-a Detailed Review

Hello and welcome to my UpTrak-dual level adjustable standing desk review.

Stand Steady makes some of the best adjustable standing desks and the UpTrak is one of my personal favorites. Which is why I rated it number 1 for most affordable sit/stand desks!

If you’re looking to buy the UpTrak dual then this will give you a good idea whether or not it is for you. Continue reading