Stand Steady Hero 37 FlexPro Standing Desk Review

Stand Steady’s Hero desk is one of their latest desk converters to come out. It was designed specifically for taller people and is one of the taller standing desk converters you can find.

In addition to that, it comes at a ridiculously low price (if you find it on sale). Stand Steady really came through on this one with a desk converter that simply blows away most of the competition. Here is my review. Continue reading

Fully Cooper Standing Desk Converter Review-One of the Best You Can Buy

The Fully Cooper standing desk converter is one of the top desk converters I recommend getting. It combines a quality built desk with excellent height range and a really affordable cost.

Just like Fully’s Jarvis Desk, which is a full standing desk, their desk converter is one of the top choices you can make as it finds that sweet spot between quality and price range. Here is my review. Continue reading

iMovR Cadence Standing Desk Converter-A Top Shelf Standing Desk

iMovR is one of the leading industry innovators in the standing desk industry, and the Cadence Desk Converter is no exception of their top-notch quality. Here is full breakdown of one of the smoothest standing desk converters you can find.

First off, there are 2 options that you can go with, the original Cadence converter or the Cadence Express. So we’ll look at both of these options to see if one of them may be good for you or not. Continue reading

Best Stand Up Desks for Laptops-My Top 5

A lot of what I recommend tend to be great for regular CPUs that have a keyboard and monitor, but not everyone is looking for that. Here is a list of some of the best standing desks you can get that are great for laptops!

What we’re looking for here is not only something that works ergonomically but is also lightweight and mobile. This fits in with the laptop lifestyle.

Unlike some of the most popular models that have 2 different levels, a standing desk for your laptops will only have 1 level (for obvious reasons). The great thing about these options is that they are going to be much more affordable than a larger 2 tier setup. Continue reading