BetterBack Review (As Seen on Shark Tank)

So you watched an episode of SharkTank and have back pain yourself and you’re wondering if the BetterBack seat support you saw can be the missing piece you’ve always been looking for to cure your back pain.

I’m only going to give a brief review on this because it is a simple concept and you will either like the basic idea of it or not. Here are my thoughts on it and whether or not it can help out with back pain.

Does the BetterBack Seat Support Work or Not?

So first off I just want to say that sitting completely upright isn’t for everyone. This is pushed as “perfect posture”, but the truth is, some people “slouch” because it is the natural thing to do.

Some people (myself included) actually do better sitting laid back at roughly a 135-degree angle. If this is you but people tell you that you need to sit upright, just realize they may not be correct.

Laying back at an angle actually puts less pressure on your spine, so for someone sitting 8 hours a day, this may be the way to go.

However, if you are someone that tends to feel better when sitting upright, then this product can work for you.

The BetterBack seat helps put you in an upright posture, but the thing that I like about it most is that the tension it creates from the band stretching from your knees effortlessly leads you to naturally use your lower back muscles.

I think this is the primary benefit of using the BetterBack seat support. In addition to that, it is simply great for someone that can’t get themselves to sit with good posture for any significant amount of time.

A common theme among people that work at a desk all day is that they try to have good posture but once they start working on a computer and not focusing on it, they begin to slouch.

No matter how hard they try they don’t stick with it for any consistent amount of time. The BetterBack can definitely help with that as it forces your body to sit upright, yet in a comfortable fashion.

And last, this item has a very small footprint as it folds in a bag the size of a small head pillow. It is also very easy to put on as it just takes seconds to strap on.

What I Don’t Like About the BetterBack Seat Support

Clearly, I highly recommend standing at work for a duration of your day, and as you can see you can’t switch from sitting to standing without unstrapping this thing to stand, and every time you sit you would have to put it back on. So, it isn’t the best thing to pair with a standing desk.

Of course, you don’t have to wear it all day long so this isn’t a huge deal. But this brings me to my next concern with the BetterBack support.

They say you only have to wear this for 15 minutes a day. Really? 15 minutes a day. I find that highly questionable that you will get any results from 15 minutes a day.

If you only wear this 15 minutes a day you’ll probably forget you even have it after about 2 weeks. So how about this: an hour or two a day.

I think if you really want to get any results from this you will have to use it for at least an hour a day or it won’t give you the results you are looking for.

You also have to think that this doesn’t exactly look all that cool while you wear it. I don’t see someone pulling up a seat at a bar and then strapping this thing on, but in an office environment wouldn’t be a big deal.

Next up. The price. It is currently going for $59. If it was half that amount then I would say it is a great purchase, but at $59 for something you may or may not like, this is a lot to spend.

Of course, like any other product, you can always find the ripoff version of it for a cheaper price. As much as I hate to recommend products that are blatant ripoffs haha, this may be the way to go because of the price. I’m not saying it will be as good of a product though.

Check out their official video to see it in action:

Final Breakdown

So overall, this is a good product but the price isn’t going to be for everyone. Here is a summary of the pros and cons.


  • Forces you to sit upright
  • Allows you to naturally¬†use your lower back muscles
  • Ingrains sitting upright into your mind so you also do it without the support
  • Small footprint
  • Rather easy to put on


  • Price point at $59 seems a little high
  • Will likely have to wear it more than they claim
  • Probably won’t be something you use in public places like restaurants, etc.


The BetterBack seat support could be a good option for you to help with posture. But, of course, I think the most important thing if you work at an office job where you sit all day is to get a standing desk.

I also think that if you can find a comfortable office chair that will probably more important than this product. But of course that could cost you hundreds of dollars and this is a nice cheap alternative that you can try to help with your sitting posture.

More Information and Updated Pricing

Check out BetterBack at

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