Does Walking Relieve Back Pain?

Back pain, primarily in your lower back, is incredibly common today with so many people working jobs that contribute to this issue. If you’re looking for some relief, a great way is to by simply walking more.

Yes. Walking. We all tend to look for things we need to buy or some magic pill that’s going to help us get the results we need when sometimes just getting back to the basics can get the job done. Walking is one of the best ways to relieve lower back pain.

First off, walking is one of the most natural exercises you can possibly do. It is something that our ancestors have been doing for literally millions of years.

The great thing about walking is that you aren’t likely to injure yourself doing it, whereas high-intensity exercise, although great for you, is more likely to lead to injury.

So this is a safe and very effective way to relieve back pain.

How Walking Helps Back Pain

  • Walking strengthens your core muscles. You work your legs and hips primarily, but also your torso, feet, and well…your entire body.
  • Walking improves bone density. This is something that regular exercise does as well, but in this case, you’re improving bone density with reduced risk of injury.
  • Walking improves circulation. This is something you wouldn’t think about, but having proper circulation can help spinal structures by pumping nutrients into soft tissues.
  • Walking improves flexibility. In addition to stretching, walking is a great way to improve flexibility by getting your muscles moving.
  • Walking improves posture. As opposed to sitting down hunched over all day, walking puts you in an upright position and helps realign your spine.

Walking is One of the Best Things You Can Do For Back Pain

This ranks up there with stretching, massage therapy, inversion therapy, and of course, utilizing a sit/stand desk.

For someone that is dealing with chronic back pain, doing “regular” exercise like running or weightlifting may actually set you back. These things can be beneficial but not everyone who deals with back pain has to do that.

It may not be a major injury, but even a minor set back like a pulled muscle can mitigate your progress at improving your lower back and core strength.

Walking is a great way for someone dealing with back pain to find relief from pain.

Check out this video below that goes over the benefits of walking:

Like the video said, there aren’t too many good excuses that you can’t walk for just 15 minutes a day.

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  1. Blanka says:

    Great post! Walking is very effective when practiced regularly. I think everyone could spend 15 minutes a day walking. Thanks for sharing.

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