Here are the Tallest Standing Desks You Can Find

Here are some of the tallest standing desks you can find. Technically, I only recommend sit/stand desks, but what you want to know is if your desk will be tall enough for you while standing. So if you’re on the taller end of the scale then this is everything you need to know when looking for a standing desk.

Now, before we get to the list, to give you some perspective on standing desks, what you need to know is that most sit/stand desktop workstations will probably only accommodate someone just over 6 feet tall. Bummer.

I assure you these desks I’m recommending here will be good enough for almost any NBA forward, however, just to make sure you can always check out this article which tells you the exact height your desk should be for your specific height.

Also, monitor arms or monitor stands are always recommended to keep your monitor at the correct level.

Now, let’s get to the point. Here is a list of standing desks made to fit tall people.

Best Standing Desks for Tall People

Omega Everest by iMovR

This desk is flat out tall. The height with the desktop is 50.5″. According to the height chart I mentioned above, someone 6’8″ could comfortably use this desk and if you don’t mind keeping your keyboard tray a little lower then someone up to 6’11” could ” less comfortably” use this desk.

BUT one of the main features of the Omega Everest desk is that it offers a built-in adjustable ergonomic keyboard tray. This allows you to tilt the keyboard tray to your liking. In other words, you could tilt the keyboard tray down and this would negate the uncomfortable bending of your wrists. So, someone 6’11” could use this desk comfortably because of this feature.

This alone puts it above most other desks in terms of maximum height, but we’re not done there. They also offer 4-inch height extenders that you can add to the base of the desk. With these added someone up to 7’3″ could use this desk. This makes it the tallest standing desk money can buy.

Uplift 900

If you want to cut your total cost in half from the Omega Everest, then your best option is the Uplift 900. The tallest height is 50.5 inches making it as tall as the Omega Everest without the extenders. Ideal for someone 6’8″ and possibly tall enough for someone 6’11”.

If you are taller than 6’8″ then you would have to be okay with keeping your wrists bent a little bit. Also, a monitor arm would be highly recommended in order to keep your monitor at a height high enough that you don’t have to strain to look down.

The Uplift is one of the best sit/stand desks you can find, not just because of its height. It’s also affordable and still maintains a high-quality standard.

Ergopose “Epo” Standing Desk

If you’re looking to save money and still get a standing desk made for tall people then the Ergopose electric desk is going to be your best option. Although I don’t consider this to be as quite high quality as the UpLift 900, it isn’t far off and it will save you almost a hundred bucks to go with this option over the Uplift.

Its max height is 49 inches without the desktop, so you’ll be close to 50 inches with a desktop. This makes it ideal for someone 6’7″ and again, depending if you’re okay with bending your wrists a little, could be fine for a person up to 6’10”.

The base price for the frame goes for less than $400 which is outstanding for a full sit/stand desk, as a lot of these tend to push about a thousand dollars. I do recommend adding your own desk frame to keep your overall purchase down. For a full desk that isn’t low quality, this is the most affordable standing desk for tall people.

Herman Miller Steelcase Series 7

Herman Miller is one of the top office manufacturers in just about every office category, so why wouldn’t they offer a sit/stand desk? All of their products are high quality but tend to be in the higher price range.

However, if that doesn’t concern you then for just under $1,500 you can get a standing desk that has a maximum height of 52 inches. This makes it the ideal height for someone 6’9″ and using the same metrics as before could work for someone 7’0″.

This is going to be just about as good as the Omega Everest. Without the extenders on the Everest, this is the tallest desk off the ground.

Focal Upright Locus

This desk reaches a maximum height of 48 inches. Doesn’t sound all that high, does it? Don’t worry, this desk is completely different than the other options mentioned. You don’t fully stand, and you also don’t fully sit. You are in an in-between position that allows you body to be comfortable by not putting too much pressure on your spine, but also not putting too much pressure on your knees.

Because of the tilt that you sit at this desk accommodates people up to 6’8″. It’s an awesome desk but also costs a pretty penny. You’ll be spending right around two thousand dollars for this excellent piece of equipment. Which of course may not be for everyone, but in my opinion is worth the cost.

Fully Cooper Standing Desk Converter

Tallest Desk Converter

The Fully Cooper is currently the tallest Z-Type desk converter you can find right now. In other words, it isn’t a desk itself, it sits on top of a desk.

With most desk converters the keyboard trey usually isn’t above 15 inches and the monitor level usually doesn’t go beyond 20 inches. These simply aren’t as tall as full standing desks.

With the Fully Cooper, though, you get a keyboard height of 17.3 inches and the top level sits at 22 inches. Depending on the height of your desk, this would comfortably fit someone 6’5. This could even get by for someone roughly 6’8″ with unideal ergonomics.

The great thing about this desk is that even though it’s taller than most desktop workstations, it costs less than most. The Cooper Desk Converter is currently going for $290. This is a terrific price and the lowest on this list, making it the most affordable standing desk for tall people.

Versa Tables Power Computer Desktop

Versa Tables comes through with a terrific option for tall people. This is another great Z-type desk converter that even though isn’t quite as tall as the Cooper, may be better overall. This is a high-quality desktop option that I rated as one of the best workstations you can find.

Its max height for the monitor level is 20 inches and the keyboard level is 3.5 inches lower than that which would sit at 16.5 inches above your desk. This means a total height of about 46.5 inches.

The total height will depend upon your desk level, but assuming it is the highest height desks tend to be at (30 inches), then that means this desktop option is tall enough for someone 6’4″ and with a little strain someone as tall as 6’7″ could use this option.

Again, this is one of the tallest desktop options as opposed to a full desk that you will find for taller people. These options simply just are not made for tall people, but this one is another exception.

Fortunately, they recently dropped the price on this standing desk, it is now going for just over $300 making it a quality purchase.

Cadence Desk Converter by iMovR

This is even taller than the Versa Tables converter and as far as I know is the tallest sit/stand desk converter you can find right now.

The keyboard height reaches 18 inches above your desktop and the top tray reaches 22 inches above your desktop. However, as you can see the monitor is raised even higher above the top tray so your monitor height will be at the correct level while standing. Making this perfect for tall people. This is another area it really stands out over all other desk converters.

If you’re looking for a desk conversion instead of a full desk and you’re over 6’5″ then this will be your best option if you can fit it in your budget.

This really is the ideal standing desk converter and fortunately, the price recently went down making this one of the best standing desks you can buy.

Other Potential Options

Other desks that are tall or even surpass the 50-inch mark that didn’t make the list include:

The Ergotron Workfit D: This is a quality desk but the crossbar on the bottom may get in the way for taller people while sitting.

The ErgoPrise Uprise: The is a stable desk that is 51 inches tall, however, it costs more than the Uplift 900 and I don’t see the quality being much better/or any better.

The NextDesk Terra: The desk height on this is 50.5 inches, which is pretty solid, but you have to spend more than the Herman Miller to get it.

The UpWrite UpDesk: This is a quality desk that stands 49.5 inches tall but with optional castors can raise to 52.5 inches. Castors can lessen the stability of the desk, also the price of this desk will be close to the Herman Miller, which I think is the better option for that price range.

ZipLift Desk Converter: This is almost just as good as the Versa Tables in terms of height, in fact, the top level actually goes slightly higher at 20 5/8 inches tall, however where it falls slightly behind the Versa Tables converter is that the keyboard height only goes up to 14.6 inches. This is going to be the most important measurement.

Flexispot Standing Desk Riser: This is another desktop option that sits on your desktop. It isn’t as tall as the Versa Desktop though. The keyboard height sits just under 14 inches and the monitor height is 19.7 inches.

UpTrak Dual: This is a really affordable option that will work for someone up to about 6’3″.  Again, this is a desktop workstation so that’s pretty good. The keyboard level can be raised up to 15 inches, however, the top monitor height is only 17.5 inches.

Base and Post Desk Converters: There are quite a few of these that could have made the list, a couple of which include The Humanscale QuickStand or the Innovative Winston. But this style of converters I consider to be a lesser value and yet cost more so I didn’t include them. If you can spend that much on a converter get the Cadence instead.

Desk Breakdown By Height/Price

Standing DeskIdeal HeightMax HeightAverage Price
Omega Everest6'11"7'3"$1,558
Steelcase 76'9"7'0"$1,472
Uplift 9006'8"6'11"$670
Ergopose Epo6'7"6'10"$480
Focal Upright6'8"6'8"$1,942
Fully Cooper6'5"6'8"$290
Cadence Desk6'5"6'8"$389
Versa Desktop6'4"6'7"$312

As you can see I listed the ideal maximum height as well as the height you could push it to if you really needed to. The Omega Everest could potentially even work for someone taller than 7’3″ without it being too uncomfortable with its ergonomic desk tray. This makes it the ideal tall desk.

Also, some of these desks come at a high price so I tried to include some good options that won’t break the bank for you. The Ergopose “epo” and the Fully Cooper desks are great options when on a budget but still looking for a taller standing desk.


If you are tall, all of these desks are excellent desks. I consider these to be high quality as well as tall, and not surprisingly a lot of the desks listed here are on my list of best overall sit/stand desks.

Having extra height to your desk is good whether or not you personally need it, this really ups the overall value of the desk giving it more versatility. You could need the extra height, especially if more than one person uses the desk.

What do you think about the options listed here? Do you like them? Is there anything that I missed you think should be included?

Let me know in the comments below!



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6 Responses to Here are the Tallest Standing Desks You Can Find

  1. Simon says:

    These standing desks are a great idea. I sit at my desktop all week and there are many times I need to stand and move around as you do become stiff sitting all day.

    I have a corner in my office unoccupied and I’m considering the Versa Tables Electric Standing Desk because I don’t want to spend a fortune however at certain times of the day it will be helpful to stand and work. To have the desk adjustable is a huge benefit, like you say we are all different heights so to prevent back problems the adjustable option is crucial.

    Do you use a standing desk and which is your favourite model?
    Thanks for introducing me to them,

    • Daniel says:

      Yeah, both the Versa desk and desktop are both high quality yet affordable options. You can’t go wrong with either one. Although, unless you’re taller than 6’6″, I would recommend spending a little more and getting a Jarvis desk over the Versa Tables Electric Standing Desk.

      Yes, I use a sit/stand desk and my back couldn’t go without it! My favorites are the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 and the Jarvis desk.

  2. Jackie says:

    I moved my computer to a stand-up table about two years ago. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my health of all time. Rather than being all slumped over for long periods of time, i now stand and often do yoga poses while in front of my computer. My husband is following suit only he’s 6’2″ and needs a taller desk. Thanks for this great informative post on the best options.

    • Daniel says:

      No problem. At 6’2″ (my height), he could possibly use some of the desktop options that are cheaper as well. He’s on the border though so may want to stick with one of these on this list.

  3. Netta says:

    Hey Daniel:

    I found this web-page fascinating! I’m not tall (just 5’6″) so a regular desk works for me when I’m working. I tend to move around and stand up a lot at my desk and I thought that was just a personal idiosyncrasy. Apparently not.

    I hadn’t considered the problems that taller people face if they don’t like to sit for long stretches. It’s great you tall folk have access to desks with longer legs and such!

  4. yoguRJ says:

    I am 185 cm. Really this article is very helpful for me. All the desks are good to see and I think they will be comfortable.
    We regularly shift our house. It will be more easy for us to have a desk with low weight. Can you tell me the weight details of these desks?

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